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This Week on ThrottleYard

I’m having a great time finding cool bikes for sale and writing about them on ThrottleYard. It’s really forcing me to try and think about the bikes an audience of enthusiasts would find interesting, and I think I’ve managed to … Continue reading

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Sweet Leaf

I’m not a proponent of alternative fuels, alternative power, hybrid cars or anything other than the internal combustion engine. We’ve come nowhere near the end of what an internal combustion engine is capable of. Fuel mileage can be dramatically increased … Continue reading

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Why “the News” shouldn’t cover cars

Two stories in the last few days have cemented my opinion that every news channel should have a legitimate automotive expert on speed-dial, if not on staff. The first was the news that ABC News’s “Chief Investigative Correspondent” Brian Ross won … Continue reading

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Your humble scribe on ThrottleYard

If you’re anything like me, before your feet hit the floor in the morning, you’re combing eBay, Craigslist, and every other classified site you can think of to see what’s out there for vintage cars, trucks and motorcycles for sale. … Continue reading

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2011 Jeep Compass Latitude: Adios.

Disclaimer: This is a harsh review. Lest anyone think this is some kind of a blanket indictment of Jeep or Chrysler, it’s not. I’ve seen Chrysler build a truly fine new Charger, Grand Cherokee, Durango, 200 and 300 already, so … Continue reading

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