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If you’re anything like me, before your feet hit the floor in the morning, you’re combing eBay, Craigslist, and every other classified site you can think of to see what’s out there for vintage cars, trucks and motorcycles for sale. was a revelation to me. “Wait, you mean I don’t have to find this stuff myself? I just sign up for updates in email or “Like” the page on Facebook and suddenly, I’m updated with a bunch of cool cars for sale every single day? How in the name of Zeus did I live without this before today?!”

Naturally, all great ideas live so that other people can copy them. I had the brilliant idea to put together a similar site for motorcycles, to the point that a friend of mine designed a logo and we found a cool URL and everything.

Of course, I then found a shiny set of keys and got distracted and it never came to fruition.

Within a few months, BringATrailer had developed its own motorcycle-specific blog, and my dreams of fame, fortune, girls and a 10,000-gallon fishtank on my blog earnings went up in smoke.

Fast forward to a month ago and I found out the blog, ThrottleYard, was looking for a few good folks to find cool bikes, write up a little synopsis and post them up. I applied for the gig and got it.

The best part is that I get paid a few bucks to do it. When I told my wife Lisa, the following conversation ensued:

Lisa: So…you find crappy old motorcycles for sale online and write about them?

Me: Yes.

Lisa: And you get paid for this?

Me: Yes.

Lisa: But you do that anyway.

Me: Yes.

Lisa: *____*

It’s not like I’m rolling in fat wads of cash or anything. But it pays a little stipend that should be enough to keep me in Sunoco 93 and cheap guitars for the summer, and I’m really having fun with it.

You can check out a few of my posts with the links below. Better yet, just sign up for the email updates, or Like the page on Facebook to get automatically alerted when something’s new.

Executive Class: 1982 BMW R100RS

The Un-Vespa: 1966 Ducati 100 Brio

Orange Crush: 1980 Can-Am 400 Qualifier 3

About Craig Fitzgerald

Craig Fitzgerald is an automotive writer, photographer and editor with credits in Hemmings Motor New, the Boston Globe, Forbes, the Washington Post, Esquire and
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4 Responses to Your humble scribe on ThrottleYard

  1. Brian says:

    Craig, for half the jobs you’ve had I’ve wondered how the hell someone can get paid to do that work. Drive cars around and write about them? Drive old cars around and write about them? And now…look up beater cycles online and write about them and get paid to do it? Have you no shame???

  2. yankeedriver says:

    At some point, I’m hoping to have some time of electronic feed of my brain function that posts up somewhere in real time, so I don’t even have to bother typing. Then I can set up a paypal account and not have to sign a check or anything. It’ll be great!!

    “i like cheese…why does my one shoe feel smaller than my other shoe? Tape is awesome…that guy has some bushy eyebrows…hungry…boobs.”

  3. Brian says:

    Isn’t that essentially what Facebook is?

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