Boston Globe Magazine, Sunday, October 30

Just a quick post to let you know that I’m going to have a piece on the back page of the Boston Globe Magazine on Sunday, October 30. Check it out! If it’s online, I’ll post it up here.

Here’s the link, which I think is open for non-subscribers to read:

About Craig Fitzgerald

Craig Fitzgerald is an automotive writer, photographer and editor with credits in Hemmings Motor New, the Boston Globe, Forbes, the Washington Post, Esquire and
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10 Responses to Boston Globe Magazine, Sunday, October 30

  1. Phil Are Go! says:

    Good job! Please post it. I don’t buy those papers made of paper none more. I can’t imagine the coolness of having people pay me for words. What a flattering, exciting world you must live in!

  2. Penny says:

    The link to your site in the piece does not seem to be working. But, I did manage to get here via copy and paste.

  3. Charlie says:

    I feel Lisa’s pain. A year ago I replaced my 2000 Legacy wagon. Unfortunately there were only two vehicles offered by manufacturers on solid financial ground that met my 3 requirements: All wheel drive, manual transmission and big enough for two adults, one kid, two large dogs plus some luggage, the BMW 3 series wagon and another Subaru. I ended up ordering a BMW from the factory to get a car in close to the configuration (wagon ,x-drive, manual transmission and NO i-drive) I would have liked.

    At least Lisa likes cars. I prefer motorcycles.

  4. Phil Are Go! says:

    Boooo. Subscribers only. What would happen if you cut and pasted the text of your article here? Trouble, right? Let me try Googling for the article and see what fate brings.

  5. Theresa says:

    Perhaps you are the person to ask this question:
    Why do Massachusetts drivers, year round, leave their cars (no children or dogs inside) running while they go into stores/banks or even fish off a bridge? I’ve seen this now in all four seasons…

    Is there a misunderstanding about the source of air pollution? A trust fund paying for gasoline that I should be tapping into? A hatred of those suffering from asthma?

    Please advise.

    • yankeedriver says:

      It’s because our know-it-all dads once told us that it takes more energy to restart the car than it does to leave it running.

      Of course, this was probably slightly true in the era of carburetors and points ignitions.

      Probably the same reason we’ll still pay $349 for a “fuel system treatment” at the dealership.

  6. Roy Wicklund says:

    Great article in this past Sunday’s Globe, Craig. I wasn’t surprised after I read it to see that you were the author. Sounds just like my wife, except she didn’t start out a ‘car-girl, but became one over the years of attending car show, auto-x events, driver;s school, etc. Hope you and the family are doing well? Miss you at HS&ECM.


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