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8 Responses to About

  1. David Strawn says:

    Sorry you left Hemmings Sport and Exotic. I enjoyed your column. I think something bad happened there, noting the progression of the Mercedes book controversy begining in July. Sorry for it, but I guess even journalists don’t quite have freedom of speech. If we let the bad guys of history be the criterion for owning and learning about autos, it would be tough to find something to drive, much less read about.

    Best wishes!

    • yankeedriver says:

      Hey David:

      Thanks for the note.

      No, nothing of the kind. That was an absolutely inconsequential dustup that I simply thought was a interesting exchange in the letters column. If I was ever going to catch shit for something, it certainly wouldn’t have been that.

      I left on great terms with Hemmings. I was happy to have spent seven years there. But it was definitely time to move on.

  2. Kevin Flint says:


    COuldn’t find your column last night and was pretty bummed to learn you left the magazine. Your work was my favorite part and I must say thumbing through the issue it already feels, well, old.

    I’m exactly your age and I grew up in North Reading, so even though I now live in California I really appreciate your perspective. I’m glad I found this blog and look forward to reading it regularly. Please be sure and keep us posted on where else we can find you.

    Reagrds, Kevin.

    • yankeedriver says:

      Hey, thanks, Kevin. I appreciate the comments. I must say that the only part I truly miss about running a magazine is comments like yours. If I can get them here, well, I guess I’m satisfied.

  3. Mike Miller says:

    I’m sorry to see you leve HMN. I’ve always enjoyed your work and I hope you’ll still come to some Cruise-Ins.
    Best regards,

  4. Scott Daley says:

    Really enjoying this new endeavor of yours. Your perspective, wit and unabashed directness are refreshing. Carry on!

  5. Hi Craig,

    I read your piece about Lisa’s car choices this morning and loved it. It somewhat mirrors my and my husband John’s car buying experiences. As we have only one car the choice becomes one of keeping two very different drivers happy. I then read the authors name. I remember your story about your Jeep and Lisa’s pneumonia. Keep letting her choose! Hi to you and to Lisa

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