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NHTSA announces stupidity prevention rule

Now, we’re down to the seeds and stems of automotive safety, and NHTSA’s got to manufacture things for itself to mandate. Soon, you’re going to see rear-view cameras and video screens to help America’s dumb avoid killing fewer than 300 people a year because they’re too fat or lazy to look out the back window. Continue reading

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Corrosion Recalls: Rust Never Sleeps

I just saw a news item regarding NHTSA’s probe regarding corroding fuel tank straps in Ford F-150s. Apparently, out of the 300 gagillion F-150s the manufacturer built between 1996 and 2001, 28 of them had fuel tank straps that rusted … Continue reading

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The Massachusetts RMV stole my $750

So I went to switch over my license and my plates from the state of Vermont to my new state of Massachusetts today. I purchased both cars privately, from residents of Massachusetts. The transactions we conducted both took place in … Continue reading

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