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Why “the News” shouldn’t cover cars

Two stories in the last few days have cemented my opinion that every news channel should have a legitimate¬†automotive expert on speed-dial, if not on staff. The first was the news that ABC News’s “Chief Investigative Correspondent” Brian Ross won … Continue reading

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Morning in America

There are fewer compelling reasons to buy a Japanese car than at any point since the early 1970s. March‚Äôs devastating earthquake, ensuing tsnumai, and surreal nuclear meltdown in Japan are all beginning to have real and lasting impact on the … Continue reading

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Audience Participation Time: Official Winter Vehicle of New England

On Saturday, I’m headed to an undisclosed location to judge the New England Motor Press Association’s Official Winter Vehicle of New England awards. For the last decade, NEMPA has selected a number of vehicles in different classes, along with one … Continue reading

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Killing the Ranger: Behind the Bullshit

Here’s the official word from AutoBlog.com this morning on Ford’s decision to kill off the Ranger in the United States. Let me warn you, if you ever enjoyed the compact pickup market, prepare to be enraged: US-Spec Ranger to End … Continue reading

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Corrosion Recalls: Rust Never Sleeps

I just saw a news item regarding NHTSA’s probe regarding corroding fuel tank straps in Ford F-150s. Apparently, out of the 300 gagillion F-150s the manufacturer built between 1996 and 2001, 28 of them had fuel tank straps that rusted … Continue reading

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The UAW can’t help shooting itself in the foot

Chasing reporters — there to cover your stupid event — out of the parking lot of your union hall for driving a foreign car. Ugh. Isn’t it time for these UAW assholes to finally fade into obscurity? From the Kansas … Continue reading

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